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Dermapen 4

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Dermapen 4

What is it?

Dermapen 4 uses micro-needles to stimulate collagen and elastin production, improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of scarring, ageing, pigmentation and visible pores. We won’t say it doesn’t hurt, but we will say it’s worth it!

Who is it for?

If you’re serious about preventing and reversing the signs of ageing, improving the texture of scarring and reducing the appearance of melasma and redness, this treatment is for you!


Some medications (including oral Vitamin A, warfarin, antibiotics, blood-thinners and long-term aspirin use)
Active cold sores in the treatment area
Low pain tolerance
Inability to take downtime

How it works

Oscillating micro-needles gently glide over the skin and create tiny channels down into the deeper layers of the dermis. This encourages pin-point bleeding and inflammation, stimulating the skin’s immune response to break down old, damaged proteins and make way for healthy new tissue.

How it feels

Expect reasonable levels of discomfort, particularly when treating the forehead. You will be able to feel vibrations from the Dermapen 4 as it travels over the treatment area, and the skin will feel quite warm afterward. Areas of specific concern, such as patches of pigmentation or scarring, will be particularly tender.


If you are prone to cold sores, we recommend using an over-the-counter prophylactic to reduce the risk of pre-treatment breakout.


Take it easy on your skin for five days, or until any reactions have subsided. Use a gentle cleanser morning and night, along with a moisturiser. As always, you should avoid direct sunlight, and wear a high SPF sunscreen and hat whenever outdoors.


Expect two to four days of mild to moderate redness, mild swelling and generalised sensitivity. A dry, flaky appearance may occur for two to five days post-treatment.


We recommend three to six treatments at two- to four-week intervals, followed by a review.


$455 — Includes facial treatment

Boost your results

$510 — Combine with a dose of laser or light therapy to boost results.
$710 — Combine with Cutera’s Laser Genesis to intensify improvements in pore size, skin texture, sun damage and signs of ageing.
$710 — Combine with Clear + Brilliant to intensify effects on pore size, skin texture and signs of ageing.

The ultimate anti-ageing treatment

$965 — Combine Cutera’s Laser Genesis, Clear + Brilliant and Dermapen 4 for a treatment that stimulates maximum change! Working across several layers and targeting the full suite of anti-ageing concerns at once, this treatment involves a greater degree of discomfort and downtime but delivers results fast!

+$2 green fee

As a proud partner of Sustainable Salons, we apply a supplemental $2 green fee to all of our services. Your $2 helps us collect and process recyclable materials and provide meals for people in need through OzHarvest. Thank you for supporting your fellow Australians and joining our journey towards zero waste.