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Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment

Think bright, smooth, hydrated, glowing skin. The Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment is all about instant results. We’ve got every skin type covered with this proprietary mix of exfoliation, extractions, laser and light. We add a chemical peel specific to your skincare concerns and top it all off with a customised blend of corrective masks and serums. Capable of treating multiple concerns at once and personalised for your skin each visit. Minimal discomfort; no downtime (unless deeper treatment requested).

Exclusive to James Vivian.

From $305

Laser Genesis

Our secret weapon against ageing, redness and uneven texture. Reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, smooth scarring and even out skin tone with Cutera’s Laser Genesis. Awesome all by itself, we like to give this collagen-stimulating treatment a boost by combining it with topical therapies to target multiple concerns at the same time. Minimal discomfort; no downtime (unless deeper treatment requested).

From $455

Laser Genesis is also available as a stand-alone treatment from $355.

Teen Dermal Therapy Treatment

For the future skincare sage. Take control of an oily, blemished or clogged complexion, or simply get a head start on caring for the body’s largest organ. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend consultations and treatments.

From $125

Laser Vein Therapy

Visible vessels? Not for long! With Cutera’s versatile excel V and xeo platforms, we can target anything from tiny spider veins to large reticular veins. Laser Vein Therapy uses light energy to eliminate problem veins and redirect blood flow to vessels deeper under the skin. This treatment is also highly effective at reducing facial redness. Discomfort levels can vary depending on the number, size and type of treatment areas. Some downtime may be required.

From $55


Like basking in the sun, but without the skin cancer. Healite II is the industry leader in LED technology. Accelerates post-trauma healing, diminishes and prevents acne, stimulates collagen and elastin growth, and instantly plumps the skin from within. Pop in for a session when you need instant glow. No discomfort; no downtime.

Healite II can be combined with any James Vivian treatment to enhance results and reduce downtime.

From $80

Clear + Brilliant

If Fraxel had a better looking, less annoying little brother, this would be it. Clear + Brilliant is all about preserving and protecting young complexions, whether that means delaying the first signs of ageing, or slowing them down once they’ve appeared. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, minimises pores, and improves texture and tone to keep skin looking young and fresh. A manageable degree of discomfort and approximately five days’ downtime should be expected (but it can be our secret – no one will know unless they get up close and personal).

From $455


We won’t say it doesn’t hurt but we will say it’s worth it! Dermapen uses tiny micro-needles to stimulate new collagen and elastin production, improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of scarring, ageing, pigmentation and visible pores. A manageable degree of discomfort should be expected, along with approximately five days of facial redness (mineral makeup has your back).

From $455


Do people keep pointing out food on your face that’s actually facial pigmentation? We’ve got this! Cutera’s LimeLight IPL fades manifestations of skin discolouration, such as sun damage, freckling and facial redness. A manageable degree of discomfort and approximately seven to ten days’ downtime should be expected.

Please note, James Vivian advises against IPL for melasma treatment. Join us for a complimentary consultation to find out about our recommended alternatives.

From $455

Plasma Pen

Not big on Botox, fillers or surgery? Plasma Pen lets us target crow’s feet, fine lines and sagging skin with pinpoint accuracy, stimulating collagen and elastin production for a smoother, tighter complexion. Minimal discomfort. Downtime of up to two weeks should be expected, but effects are specific to the treatment area, and with the help of mineral makeup, no one ever needs to know.

From $855


Not for the faint-hearted! An extremely effective solution for melasma concerns or for clients wanting a very deep peel. Cosmelan is a multi-step treatment that corrects existing pigmentation problems and prevents reappearance, while tightening and brightening the complexion. A manageable degree of discomfort and at least two weeks’ downtime should be expected – we recommend hitting your Netflix queue.

Treatment price includes Cosmelan take-home care kit.

From $1250