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James Vivian is coming to Albert Park!

James Vivian Le Clinic Albert Park

‘Le Clinic’ by James Vivian x Filly Stable

All you Albert Park-ians rejoice! The man himself will be hosting a 10 day skin pop-up thanks to dear friends at Filly Stable.

James will be bringing his big bag of peels, lotions and potions and be consulting and treating out what was once Le Hoof, right across from Stables.

Available for complimentary skin-consults (which span around 45 minutes) and performing the Signature James Vivian Dermal Therapy Treatment, we are taking the authentic JV experience out of Toorak.

The intention behind this small-scale pop-up is to bring the James Vivian experience to another side of our beautiful city.
Created in collaboration with female frock-shop Filly Stable, Le Clinic aims to further extend the luxury experience, and bring with it an element of self-care through the treatment of the skin.

“Where fashion and facials meet, and marry in a beautiful celebration of looking good, and feeling even better!” – James Vivian

To book your complimentary consult and/or treatment with Monsieur Vivian, please get in touch with us directly via any means necessary;
Call (03) 9827 1331
DM @jamesvivian
In-person 2D Wallace Ave, Toorak or 121 Bridport Street Albert Park.

A bientôt j’espère, Albert Park!

‘Le Clinic’
121 Bridport Street Albert Park
Friday March 12th to Saturday March 20th